The First Tree of the Day

Imagine what would happen if a crew of rough-shod loggers discovered that the mushrooms growing underfoot in the woods, fungi as ancient as the primeval forest itself, had strange and wonderful aphrodisiacal properties...Can YOU imagine?

This is the story of Tom Lacey: a university student set adrift by tragedy who ends up working in the woods. Whence his adventures (and misadventures) begin.

THE FIRST TREE is an uncompromising tale of environmental devastation and human renewal. The book breathes life into the sweaty world of crew bosses and working men. The plot reels from coast to coast, and thickens with wild hijinks and a glimpse into the ancient world.

Toss in a poignant love story and you have the makings of an unforgettable first novel.

Get ready to laugh -- and cry.

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