Dimona the Third Temple?

This prescient book foresaw the deepening Mideast crisis that today threatens
to drag the United States into a world conflagration.

Dimona the Third Temple tells the dramatic story of Mordechai Vanunu, the
Israeli whistleblower who stunned the world in 1986 by exposing the inner
workings of Israel's long-denied nuclear weapons program. First appearing in the
London Sunday Times, Vanunu's revelation answered questions about Israel's top
secret Dimona reactor and surrounding nuclear facilities that had puzzled experts
for more than a quarter century.

With photos and firsthand testimony, Vanunu proved that Israel's nuclear
program is much more advanced than anyone had guessed. Today, we know -- based on
information provided by Vanunu -- that Israel possesses 100-300 bombs,
including thermonukes and neutron weapons -- enough weapons of mass destruction to
level the entire Mideast. Yet, incrediby, Israel has never been held accountable.

Though a man of conscience, Vanunu's witness made him a traitor overnight in
the eyes of some, while an inspiration to others. Mark's book tells the
remarkable story of Vanunu's flight from Dimona, his kidnapping, secret trial,
harassments, and imprisonment.

The recipient of many international awards and honors, Vanunu has been
nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize every year since 1987.

In April 2004, Vanunu was finally released from Ashkelon prison after serving
18 years -- 11 of them in solitary confinement. In a press conference after
his release, Vanunu declared that Israel's nukes are a danger both to Israel
and to the region, and called on the Israeli government to shut down the Dimona
reactor and open all nuclear sites to international inspectors.

Mark's book goes on to review the history of Israel's nuclear program from
its origins in the mid 1950s. This exhaustively researched study explores
controversial issues, such as Israel's nuclear strategies, and offers a clear
analysis of the worsening political situation in the Mideast. Mark Gaffney raises
tough questions that will need to be addressed on the road to a just and lasting
Middle East peace.

What the critics said about Dimona the Third Temple:

A fine and important book...

—Noam Chomsky

Extremely well researched and written...
—Dan Ellsberg

—Nuclear Resister

The scariest book I ever read...
—Mike Roselle, cofounder of Earth First!

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